What we support! ¡Qué apoyamos!

Meet the Masters Art || Arte en el salón
Our Meet the Masters is a during class art program where our students pair learning a art history and doing a hands on project in the style of a master artists; such as Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet and more! This program is 100% volunteer run and is fully funded by the San Martin/Gwinn Home & School Club.

For the 2023-2024 school year the HSC has pledged $1000 to ensure that all students at SMG get the opportunity to create beautiful art.
Musical Theater || Teatro
San Martin/Gwinn Musical theater is a partnership with STAR Arts Education. Our after school theater program runs 1-2 shows a year. Students in this program learn the ways of the stage, from auditions, rehearsals, music, dance and finally showing it all off to their family and friends. Funding for this program is through registration fees, as well as support from the Home & School Club through scholarships and other support.
Field Trips || Excursiones
The Home & School Club works closely with teachers and staff to provide educational opportunities for our students outside of the classrooms.

For the 2023-2024 school year the HSC has pledged $10 per student to ensure that all students at SMG get the opportunity to have educational experiences outside the classroom.
SMG Farm || Granja de SMG
The Farm at SMG has been a long standing pillar of San Martin/Gwinn. Started and tended with love by Mrs. Moore many moons ago, The Farm is still thriving with the support of our TK-5 grade specials and middle school electives. The Home & School Club helps financially support the farm with additional funding for supplies, as well as helping coordinate volunteers to work in the farm.
Middle School Athletics || atletismo de secundaria
Middle Schoolers at SMG are invited to join our athletics program beginning in 6th grade. Sports offered at SMG include; flag football, volleyball, girls and boys basketball, girls and boy soccer. Additional sports are added to the list based on interest. The HSC helps supports sports by providing uniforms, ref fees, and coaching support when needed.
Panther Reading Club
A partnership with the YMCA the SMG HSC has brought Project Cornerstone and Los Dichos to all students at SMG. With the support of parent volunteers we bring reading, social-emotional learning and the connection of culture through carefully curated books.